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In the moment when you are most vulnerable, do you really want to be going through bulky, outdated cyber incident response plans trying to figure out what’s going on? I don’t think so! Let the automated workflows of RespondLess point you in the right direction in a fraction of the time.

RespondLess is here to replace the old-fashioned cyber security incident response plan. With a library of pre-defined incident response playbooks, you can conclude a cyberattack far more efficiently than ever before. Utilise the automated click-through workflows to resolve incidents in a fraction of the time. Forget about updating your current incident response plan; with RespondLess, this is done for you.

RespondLess, your first response for all cyber incidents
When your defence has been breached, go on the offence with RespondLess

Welcome to RespondLess

We provide automated playbooks for incident response plans so you don't have to go through pages of documentation when you're at your most vulnerable


How it Works


1. Cyber Security Incident

A cyber incident has been reported to the IT department


4. Navigate Through Workflows

Click through the workflows for the playbook you have chosen


2. Login to RespondLess

Login to the RespondLess website where you'll find pre-defined incident response playbooks


5. Conclude Cyber Incident

When you have worked through the playbook, you can conclude the incident with great peace of mind


3. Choose a Playbook

Select the playbook required to deal with your situation


6. Export Response Plan

Save or export the response plan results for future reference or compliance reasons

Thanks for submitting!

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